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Stari is an acrylic fabricator, with extensive experience in bespoke acrylic fabrication. We prepare and form plastic materials and acrylics which are increasingly being used in all trades and professions. These versatile materials are quick to process and the results are strong and attractive.


Stari has a highly skilled workforce with extensive experience and the 'hand skills' that are rarely found today. We cut, etch, form, glue, rout and undertake in-house most of the processes required to take raw acrylic and plastic sheets to finished product.


Stari will take your idea, even as a rough sketch, and produce a precise specification, fabricating from this specification quality sub-components.


We manufacture a wide range of products, which include: Brochure and Menu holders, Coin & Donation Box, Point Of Sale Displays, Acrylic Show Cases, Signage, Display Cases, Cosmetic Displays, Slatwall Fixtures, Card Holders, Domes, Light Boxes, Letters, Perspex jewelry rack, Photo Frame, Furniture, Souvenir Items and Pet Series.


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