Clear Stackable Square Acrylic Cube Risers with Mirror Top

Clear Stackable Square Acrylic Cube Risers with Mirror Top

This acrylic cube riser set is a great way to display impulse items, food, sundries, or any other products creatively. 
The collection of 3 differently sized, nested display boxes provides plenty of surface area for showcasing and/or supporting a myriad of merchandise. 
Each riser set is made of 3mm thick frosted acrylic and is designed with a hollow bottom for use as a stand or a container. 
These stands are lightweight, durable, and versatile.
Display boxes can be positioned together stacked or separately staggered to add a spectacular dynamic to the way stores present products or merchanse.
If you need to step up your retail stand game, then look no further than this riser set to present your merchandise or household items in style.
The mirror top reflect a best effect for your display items..
Overall Dimensions: Overall Dimensions: 11" W x 11" D x 11" H
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