Clear Lucite Acrylic Storage Box with Hinged Lid

Clear Lucite Acrylic Storage Box with Hinged Lid 
Our this clear Acrylic Box attempt to make everyday living easier with advanced products designed to help people organize and enhance their home with style. 
We design products that provide solutions for organizing your everyday living space. 
Lucite box offers space efficient solutions that bring convenience and style to the kitchen environment.
These plexiglass boxes keep your pantry, cabinets and counter-tops organized and clutter-free.
Hinged Lid design to flip up cover easily
Dimensions: 80x80x80mm
Best Used for Wedding, Party Favor, Treats, Candy Mini Gifts, Sewing Set, Cosmetic Organizer etc.
This box display is the safest way to protect your collectibles, Accessories and products more. 
The clear design lets you see just what's inside while keeping your products free of dust and debris. 
The storage box soft, clear Look boxes with lids are the perfect containers for just about anything you can imagine.
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