Clear All-In-One Acrylic PPE Dispenser Glove Dispenser with lock

All-In-One Acrylic PPE Dispenser Glove Dispenser

Acrylic isolation stations are sleek, easy to care dispensers that will withstand years of use and still look new.
Our stations are designed to provide convenient, easy access to Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) supplies where space is limited.
They are ideal for use in any area where infection control protocols are in use.
These stations are simple to load and can be mounted on a variety of surfaces. Space saving storage for PPE
Each unit accommodates up to three different glove sizes and one mask as well as an area for isolation gowns.
Holds gloves, masks, gowns, caps, and shoe covers
Convenient access helps insure infection protocols are adhered to
It is easy to clean, load and mount.
Top with flip up lid design with left bottom for lock system. 
Measures 21 1/4"H by 23"W by 4 1/2"D
Pre-drilled for wall mounting; 

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